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From U.S. Sporting Arenas to the World- KissCam International

KissCam LLC has brought the KissCam video to the world through our KissCam app and website.  Now, everyone around the world is enjoying framing their picture or video inside the KissCam heart.

KissCam LLC is based in Denver, Colorado, Dana Veitch, founder and president.  KissCam LLC acquired the KissCam international trademarks in 2011.  People from around have downloaded the free app, uploading their pic/videos to social media and sharing with friends and family.

KissCam LLC is currently in talks with major venue operators and sport leagues around the world to incorporate their IT technology with the sports event.   Our technology is designed to engage the fan at the sports event or at home watching with the KissCam app capabilities.  Incorporating KissCam’s app would generate new advertising revenues and data collection for the venue owners, while being welcomed and enjoyed by the fans.

KissCam LLC, Dana Veitch welcomes operators and sports owners to discuss new business opportunities with their organizations. Dana@kisscam.com, +303-829-7306

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