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What is KissCam?

KissCam is every fan’s ticket to a fun, exciting way to win prizes at any event. KissCam gives fans a cool, framed event photo to blast out through social media, showing they were at the event. And if the fan’s image is selected to show on the big screen, it can go viral.

The KissCam app lets everyone in the audience participate in KissCam moments at any event. Now everyone in the audience can have a chance to be on the big screen and win prizes using the interactive KissCam app!

Fans download the KissCam app, snap a selfie, choose a cool KissCam frame branded with the sponsor’s logo, and instantly send the pic to the venue to enter contests to win prizes. Team jerseys and swag for starters.  Winners are quickly chosen, are shown on the big screen and everyone instantly posts their branded KissCam photos to social media with the touch of a button.

Everyone will have KissCam in their pocket. And your brand can be on KissCam photo frames. Watch your branded KissCam photos go viral on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

Will it be with a fan at the game? With your favorite guy or gal? Or will it be with your friends or family? Whatever it may be, we have a frame for every occasion!